Do they get it?

Just to reiterate...

Further to the last article which aimed to emphasise the difference between a visual identity (logo, corporate colours, imagery etc.) and the actual Brand, it’s worth also considering that a brand is a collection of physical and emotive attributes that combine to form an impression and expectation, of your organisation or product, in the customer’s mind.

Your aim in promoting or selling your brand(s) is to gain mindshare, e.g. when a client thinks of a vacuum cleaner they think of a ‘hoover’, coke for a cola or Durex for a condom!

You’re probably not in those particular markets (e.g. Dyson!) but you would obviously like your brand to be the first of it’s category to come to mind.

To raise awareness, profile and ultimately maximise mindshare, brand vision, personality and client expectations must be aligned to form a brand image.

To achieve this a brand needs to review its values, identity, promise and delivery.

In simple terms a SWOT analysis (assessing the company or product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) could be a start in helping you establish a view at least, of the current market position, the state of your communication of the offer and identifying an audience providing the most profit potential. 

A brand is a collection of physical and emotive attributes that combine to form an impression and expectation... in the customer's mind

Once you have identified what you want to offer and who to, you probably need to consider how you will reach those customers. What channels, i.e. advertising (online, TV or print), email campaigns, retail promotions, PR or events etc?


Promote yourself

Are you satisfied that you are getting the message out there to your intended audience?

Perhaps the most cost effective way to reach potential clients would be networking, either online or in person, where you are able to demonstrate or explain your ‘offer’ best.

If networking for a small business perhaps start with a basic ‘kit’ of essential and consistent ‘brand assets’.

Creative Generation can conceive, design and provide you with an affordable marketing toolkit, designed specifically for your brand. Power Tools that make the best and most powerful impact whatever channels you use – email, events, networking groups, web, leafleting or digital/print advertising or video.