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Think national but go local

We may live in a digital world but traditional print has a crucial role within a balanced, synchronized and integrated marketing communications mix.

While no business needs or indeed can afford to use every single marketing channel in every campaign, the full range should be considered for suitability and appropriateness to find and reach target customers, whether demographically, geographically or both.

More than 80% of the country’s top advertisers utilise door to door leaflet marketing as one part of their integrated marketing strategy

Leaflet marketing gives the benefits of mass and specific targeting, through national or local distribution for corporates, government or SMEs.

Strategic, Creative and Integrated Marketing

An important and effective channel within your integrated marketing communications mix

Clear messaging to the right people, in the right place at the right time ensures you:

•            Target and reach more customers

•            Generate more business

•            Build brand awareness, reputation and loyalty

Find and bring your hard
to reach customers online
for a lasting relationship

Intelligent distribution

Effective strategic targeting and measurement through KPIs mean campaigns can be optimised for effectiveness. With mapping and demographic tools, selecting areas for the best returns.

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